Leaf Pickup

Waste Management Service

Waste Management will pick up leaves in yard waste containers and/or brown paper bags on your designated garbage day.

City Leaf Pickup Program 

The City picks up leaves during the fall. The annual leaf pickup program begins mid-October, provided enough leaves have fallen to warrant a crew going out, and runs through the first week of December, weather permitting.

To take advantage of this program, please rake your leaves into your parkway toward the curb. To prevent potential flooding issues for you and your neighbors, do not put leaves in the street. Please be aware it may take up to two weeks to get to your location. If you do not want to wait for the City’s leaf truck, you can to put the leaves in brown paper bags for Waste Management to pick up on your garbage day (no sticker necessary).

The City does not pick up leaves any other time of year. Residents in need of leaf pickup outside of the City’s program dates must utilize Waste Management’s yard waste program. Leaving yard waste in a parkway or on other City property indefinitely will result in a Code Enforcement citation.