Stop Sign Requests

Residents frequently call the City of Lockport to request that a stop sign be installed in their neighborhood. Stop signs can only be installed if an engineering study shows that they are necessary. When warranting stop signs, the City of Lockport is required by State Law to follow the guidelines of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

Consequences of an Unwarranted Stop Sign

  • Overuse of stop signs reduces their effectiveness because drivers tend to speed up between stop sign controlled intersections rather than slow down. Studies have shown that at residential speeds, drivers accelerate to their original speed prior to the stop sign in less than 200 feet (that’s less than 3 house lots from the intersection). Driver acceleration and deceleration only adds to noise levels that can turn a quiet neighborhood into a race track.
  • Stop compliance is poor at unwarranted stop signs. Studies have determined that drivers see little reason to stop and yield the right-of-way when there is no traffic on the minor street. Unwarranted stop signs foster disrespect and disregard of the law.
  • Studies have found that pedestrian safety, particularly small children, is decreased at unwarranted stop sign locations. Pedestrians expect vehicles to stop at the stop signs but many vehicles “run” the unnecessary stop sign.
  • The cost of installing stop signs is relatively low, but enforcement costs are not. In addition, enforcement cannot be provided 24/7 and at best, can only have limited effectiveness.
  •  According to State Codes, placement of stop signs not warranted by engineering studies may violate State law. 

Justifications for a Stop Sign

The MUTCD provides the following warrants for the use of stop signs: stop signs should be used if engineering judgment indicates that one or more of the following conditions exist: 

  • Intersection of a less important road with a main road where application of the normal right-of-way rule would not be expected to provide reasonable compliance with the law; 
  • Street entering a through highway or street; 
  • Unsignalized intersection in a signalized area; and/or 
  • High speeds, restricted view, or crash records indicate a need for control by the STOP 

More information about stop signs can be found here.

The decision to install a stop sign cannot be made solely by the City of Lockport. To request a stop sign, please complete an online form and Public Works & Engineering will evaluate the request.