Traffic Citations

Traffic Citations

If you were issued a traffic citation (similar to the image on the right) by a Lockport police officer and have any questions about the citation please read this section for guidance.

Upon issuance of the citation, the officer should have given you a court diversion flier if your citation was marked No court appearance required. If the officer did not give you an flier, contact the Lockport Police Department at 815-838-2132.

If your citation is marked, Court appearance required you must appear in court at the date, time, and location indicated on the bottom of the ticket.


If your citation is marked, No court appearance required, read the yellow flier provided by the officer, as well as, the back of the blue citation given to you by the officer. There are three choices on the flier, read the choices, and pick the one you feel appropriate. Do as the instructions indicate. Be sure to include postage.

More Information

For further information on traffic citations, or to pay online, consult the Will County Circuit Clerk's Office.