About the Unit

The Investigations Division is responsible for conducting follow-up investigations of all cases brought to the attention of the department. These cases include, but are not limited to, all criminal cases handled by Lockport patrol personnel. Although every case handled by the Lockport police goes through the investigations division, not all of these cases require a follow-up investigation. Many of these cases have been closed with the officer apprehending, arresting or identifying the offender or offenders in a particular case making it unnecessary for the investigations unit to follow-up any further. However, all cases are reviewed by the Commander of Investigations, and after reviewing each case, a case status determination is made.


Other responsibilities of the investigations unit include, but are not limited to:

  • Collecting and disseminating intelligence information to patrol personnel and to representatives of other law enforcement agencies
  • Maintaining open lines of communications between the police, the school, community groups, and court officials
  • Tracking of crime patterns

Lockport detectives also serve as the department's juvenile officers and are certified as such by the Illinois Law Enforcement Training and Standards Board.

The Investigations Division is overseen by Commander Patrick Ellanson.  The Investigations Division can be reached via email.